Product information

Application areas
CANTESCO Aluma Galv Spray contains a certain percentage of aluminium particles to reproduce the brilliance of a hot galvanisation and ensure reliable corrosion protection.

CANTESCO Zinc Galv Spray ensures corrosion protection for weld seams and drill holes at the highest level. The zinc particles provide cathodic long-term rust-protection for point-, arc- and oxyacetylene-welding.

CANTESCO Aluma Galv Spray – brilliant bright silver
CANTESCO Zinc Galv Spray – silver grey

Product features

  • Ready-to-use
  • Long-time corrosion protection

Package size
500 ml aerosol

Material consumption
Depends on consumer

Drying timeDust-
dry after approx. 15 minutes

Processing temperature

  • Material, ambient air and substrate temperature: min. +5°C to max. +30°C.
  • Relative humidity: < 80%
  • The substrate temperature must be at least 3 °C above the dew point temperature.

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CANTESCO Aluma Galv Premium Spray safety data sheet
CANTESCO Zinc Galv Premium Spray safety data sheet
CANTESCO Zinc Sprays technical data sheet

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